When designing a custom home, more often than not, an architect is able visualize every space of their design. For the clients of this Wellesley Home, the plan was all coming together with the exception of one Architectural feature, which they could just not agree on. Was a two-story open foyer too grand of an entrance for their taste and lifestyle? We worked closely with the Architect to acquire a properly formatted computer drawing of the home. From there we were able to build the area out in a Virtual environment, suitable for the client to immersed in.

Immediately upon being placed in the proposed two-story foyer, it became quite apparent that, although beautiful and grandiose, it may have been making too much of a statement for the area. Additionally, it was apparent that the empty space on the second story above could be utilized in a much more efficient manner giving additional square footage to the adjacent bedrooms. Overall, the result of this experience was impactful in a meaningful way. Without being placed in the Virtual environment at that particular point in the design process, the client would have never gained the knowledge of what the proposed design felt like until it was in construction, where any changes would have had huge repercussions on budget and timing. The home is now near completion, which a Phase 2 on the horizon.