A Realtors day is typically hectic and involves lots of moving from place to place for appointments, showings, and closings. Unfortunately, the amount of traveling about could potentially mean lost sales or potential buyers. Quite often, with higher end properties and buyers, schedules revolve around them, and not the realtor. Another challenge arises with properties, which are not built yet, as the Realtors have to rely on material provided by the Developer, such as pamphlets, and renderings.


Sensuus can be utilized in this arm of the industry as well. As Builders and Developers engage Sensuus for their model homes or show rooms, the Virtual Reality stations can be setup in Realtors offices as well, allowing them to provide an additional service for their client base. Multiple properties can be built and exported to the Realtor to load on the Virtual Reality system. This will allow the Realtor to put a wide range of clients in multiple properties all from the convenience of their office, cutting down travel time and increasing the amount of client showings.