The idea of Sensuus started almost a decade ago while working in a high-end Residential Architecture firm. Early on, it became quite apparent that one of the key challenges in the Architecture field was conveying to clients what the true vision of the Architect was. It became standard that floor plans, and 3D renderings or walkthroughs were created to present to clients during the design process. However, even with the advancement of computer programs and graphics, there was still an overwhelming observation that while the drawings looked good, clients could still not really understand how a space would feel, until it was physically built. For years, this is how the process continued, like the evolution of floor plans from hand-drawings to computer-aided design, slow and behind the times. 


The name Sensuus itself is derived from the Latin words Sensuro, meaning to feel or perceive and Locus, meaning space. The mission of Sensuus is to bridge this gap by utilizing Virtual Reality as a means of placing the client in their future design so they are able to gather a true feel for the space, well before it is physically built. The goal here is to further the relationship between professional and client, as well as set proper expectations for what the finished space will feel like. With Executive level experience in both high-end Residential Architecture firms and successful Digital Advertising Agencies, we have developed the capability to properly build out 3D spaces in an immersive, and true-to-scale Virtual Reality environment, which users can walk around in, from room to room. Our vision is for Sensuus to revolutionize the process by which Architects, Builders, and Realtors communicate their designs, in order for their clients to truly understand what a space feels like before it is a reality.