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You know, now that I’m standing here, I think we need to move this wall.” For some of us, it’s a phrase similar to this one that we hear all too often. Now what, who’s paying for this, how will this impact schedule and even after it’s moved, will the client change their mind again? Part of the issue with Change Orders, are not really change orders at all. Really, it is everything that leads up to this. It is the experience that the client does not have, it is the tool set that the Architect or Builder uses, it is the misalignment in communication and it is the expectation not clearly portrayed. And, even after all of this, who’s fault is it? Really, nobody’s.

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Well, as the New Year has broken upon us, the typical once-a-month social buzz about another Netflix film infiltrated our social media and office chats. ‘Birdbox’, with a name like that we were all a bit skeptical. While personal feelings on the movie were less than stellar, this concept of essentially, The Blind Leading the Blind, took on a bit of different meeting as we started to relate to Virtual Reality and the future.

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