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So, here you are, spending hundreds of thousands, or potentially more, on a brand new, one-of-a-kind custom home... super exciting, yet super scary at the same time. How will it all turn out, will the Architect and Builder know exactly what you want? Have you all communicated clearly enough with one another during the design phases? There are so many unknowns when going through the process and it can be overwhelming, to say the least. We can help mitigate that feeling with Virtual Reality.

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The financing has cleared and construction is underway, the toughest parts are complete right? Wrong. Now it’s time to sell all of what has been planned for the past few months or even years. As is the case with most new developments, until people see a physical model home built or fancy renderings and videos, it’s almost impossible for them to truly experience what the additional home designs will look like. See how Virtual Reality can help get the word out and close the deal.

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18 hours of straight sleep and missing Thanksgiving Dinner. Most of you familiar with this industry have probably been there, whether back in your college days or perhaps last month, when struggling to hit that deadline. See why our background makes us different in this new market.

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The future is Time Travel.

Well...maybe not in most of our lifetimes, but as a civilization we truly are progressing forward at a pace exponentially greater than in the past few decades. Technology is moving at such a rapid pace nowadays, that even by the time this article is complete it’s already becoming obsolete as far as being an informational resource. You will recall a reference to the Back to the Future amusement ride at Universal Studios in Florida in our last article. See what makes this the first real immersive experience in our recollection.

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