You know, now that I’m standing here, I think we need to move this wall.” For some of us, it’s a phrase similar to this one that we hear all too often. Now what, who’s paying for this, how will this impact schedule and even after it’s moved, will the client change their mind again? Part of the issue with Change Orders, are not really change orders at all. Really, it is everything that leads up to this. It is the experience that the client does not have, it is the tool set that the Architect or Builder uses, it is the misalignment in communication and it is the expectation not clearly portrayed. And, even after all of this, who’s fault is it? Really, nobody’s.

One of the things that make Architecture so wonderful, yet so challenging, is that as an Architect or Builder, we can envision that space, in all dimensions. It’s absolutely breathtaking when your vision comes to life and the client is left speechless. However, it can also be challenging when you have put hours, upon hours into a design, and have conveyed the concept to your client with every single tool you have, yet change orders like the one previously mentioned still occur.

This is one of the most beneficial things about using Virtual Reality in Architecture. Not only is it unreal for our clients to literally walk around and explore there space that is not yet constructed, but whether they realize it or not, we are potentially saving them tens of thousands of dollars, if not more, on change orders that may have otherwise occurred. Using Virtual Reality helps bring that line of expectation for a client much closer to the vision of the Architect or Builder. Keeping change orders at a minimum or even negating them all together allows for a much stronger finished design, no structural implications, and no extended timelines. No longer will your client stand in that built space debating on whether or not a wall should be moved. Instead, this decision would have been made long before a piece of dirt ever got displaced, in Virtual Reality.

So, if you are someone who is in the process of, or have been looking to work with an Architect to have your space renovated or Home Custom Built, remember this article, it could save you more money and time than you can imagine. Please reach out to us at to integrate our Virtual Reality into your project, or request our service from your Architect or Builder.