Well, as the New Year has broken upon us, the typical once-a-month social buzz about another Netflix film infiltrated our social media and office chats. ‘Birdbox’, with a name like that we were all a bit skeptical. While personal feelings on the movie were less than stellar, this concept of essentially, The Blind Leading the Blind, took on a bit of different meeting as we started to relate to Virtual Reality and the future.

At the end of the day, there are actually some similarities among the blindfolded characters and Virtual Reality. They both involve placing items over your eyes to either shield you from the outside world, or allow you to fantasize, putting yourself in another place. While it is farfetched, at least to the normal person, to be able to travel more than a few feet, let alone a few miles, with a blindfold on, it does make you realize all of the senses that we have as humans. Virtual Reality, while it mainly takes over your sense of sight, can actually trigger your other sense simultaneously. Mainstream media is starting to push the terms mixed-reality and XR (extended reality) which is really setting up the future for how all of these ‘realities’ will play a part in utilizing your human senses. Virtual Reality can be tremendously successful as a standalone experience, but mix it with some characteristics of the real physical world, and it’s hard to not amaze people.

Just as Birdbox does, in maybe a more conceptual way, we encourage you to Leave the Old World, and See the Light….Virtual Reality being the light of course!