The financing has cleared and construction is underway, the toughest parts are complete right? Wrong. Now it’s time to sell all of what has been planned for the past few months or even years. As is the case with most new developments, until people see a physical model home built or fancy renderings and videos, it’s almost impossible for them to truly experience what the additional home designs will look like.

We have found our service a crucial piece of how developers can sell their properties. Typically, a developer may build one, or maybe even two model homes, but provide a total of 5 or even 10 additional styles other than what was built. The challenge for them is how to sell those other styles with nothing but brochures or fancy marketing materials trying to showcase them.

Statistics on what Real Estate Developers spend on marketing materials per year vary greatly depending on scope of project, units, locations, specific resource, etc, but the one element that all of the top developers seem to have in common is the desire to stand out from the crowd and display their build quality with unique experiences. In today's Real Estate environment with so much building going on, a Virtual Reality service which enables clients to explore any number of different floor plans, and gives them the ability to customize, in real-time, Architectural characteristics, can be viewed as a marketing tool with a much higher ROI than printed materials. We are now seeing a shift where an experience like Virtual Reality can become the main attraction within a model home or office, and the printed brochures a supporting material, acting as a trigger piece for the memories of exploring that Virtual space.

It is important for Developers to realize that Virtual Reality is not a gimmick or game, but in fact has become a much higher yield Return on Investment than a lot of the other solutions. If users can already start customizing a space to their lifestyle, by implementing wall colors, furniture choices, paintings, appliances, etc.. that means they are already envisioning themselves living there, with one foot in the door, literally. 

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