The other day, something a bit unique occurred to me as I was speaking with a potential client. As I was explaining what we do as a company, I realized I did not really speak about Virtual Reality until the ending bits of the conversation. This was not on purpose, but it allowed me to think about how we really position ourselves. It is important that we never lose the why we do what we do here at Sensuus. Our intent is to not push Virtual Reality as the technology to move forward with, but rather at the moment, and for the foreseeable future, Virtual Reality continues to make the most sense for our industry.

While Augmented Reality is a viable option for future experiences, it does not portray the same immersive feeling that Virtual Reality does. In the building industry it’s all about envisioning what something will look or feel like, and for that…Virtual Reality is still king in our books. It still amazes me that for so many years, maybe even decades, Architecture has been ‘old school’ and behind the times, but now with Virtual Reality being used in such ambiguous and non-impactful ways in the world, Architecture and the Building Industry as a whole finally have a chance to be on the forefront of something great, as well as have it actually be used in a meaningful way.

This is what makes us excited for the future and why we think VR, in this industry, is here to stay for quite some time. Think about the major transitions, from a technology perspective, in Architecture. Decades ago, pencil drawings and blueprints were the standard. Then came the transition to computers and 2D Computer-aided Design (yes, for you young folk, this is what CAD actually stands for), followed by the massive world of 3D renderings. These transitions took years to happen, and now in full form, they have become the norm and part of the process for Design Professionals. We are excited to see that VR is becoming the next staple in the process!