Everything, even the Kitchen Sink


Make sure you have matching socks on! This, believe it or not, was my first thought this past Saturday morning as I prepared for the day ahead. It’s not often, regardless of the industry, that one has the opportunity to view the ins and outs of 6 multi-million dollar homes all within one afternoon. Well, thanks to the Wellesley Hills Junior Women’s Club, we were lucky enough to do just that. The Wellesley Junior Women’s Club is a volunteer organization dedicated to community service. Through their multiple fundraisers, they provide scholarships for Wellesley students and support many area charitable organizations (for more information on their efforts, check out whjwc.org). One of their primary fundraisers is The Kitchen and Home Tour, now in its 18th year, permits access to a variety of homes in the Wellesley Hills area. This year, it represents the culmination of a month-long celebration under the umbrella of ‘Design Wellesley’, which celebrates local Architects, Design Professionals, Artists and Retailers.

Events such as this are immensely impactful for a number of reasons, spanning beyond the positives for the organization and its programs. This being our first year at the event, we had no real expectations as we approached the doorway to the first home. As the shoes came off and the booties went on, we quickly realized the benefit of an event like this. It’s not just for the curious neighbors or the majority of the public who never get the opportunity to tour multi-million dollar homes, but for other Design Professionals and more so, the younger generation. Nowadays, technology affords us all kinds of outlets to be able to communicate with one another. So, it is completely puzzling that so many, especially of the younger demographic, actually feel uncomfortable and anxious about speaking to someone face-to-face.

This event served as a platform to counteract that notion and instead encouraged engaging discussion, as each of the Design Professionals having part in the projects were present throughout the spaces.  While it can seem easy to extrapolate information about a design from pictures online, or from an article discussing the inspiration for a space, I have found that like many instances in life, you can acquire much deeper knowledge by having a conversation with someone in person. For the younger crowd, who are now so ingrained in everything ‘code’ and ‘technology’, this tour was a way to absorb real-world conditions and understand how specific design features can make a space feel extraordinary.

Similarly, what we were most excited about, was the prospect of speaking in further detail with some of the driving forces behind these exquisite designs. For Design Professionals, this experience was a way to take a step back, let their work speak for itself, and allow others to be inspired and ask questions. One of the unique things about this industry is the clear distinction between competition and admiration. While, theoretically, all Principals, Builders, and Design Professionals are in competition with one another, each are unique in their own design style and language. At the end of the day, it was a pleasure speaking with other professionals from Patrick Ahearn Architect LLC, Cutting Edge Homes Inc, Sleeping Dog Properties Inc, RiverStone Custom Builders, and numerous others about common design philosophies, challenges, and overall visions.                                                     

We will definitely be marking this on our calendars in the future, and would love for these types of design-inspired experiences to become prevalent in the community in and around Boston. For additional information about this event, please reach out to WellesleyKitchenTour@gmail.com.