One of the biggest obstacles that Builders and Developers face while trying to sell property, is how to accurately convey multiple floor plan layouts, variety of options, including appliances, materials, faucets, and finish packages, to potential buyers in a way that goes beyond just renderings and a price list. Typically a model home is built which eventually acts as a pseudo Marketing Center, or Showroom, for buyers to visit and get a sense of a homes scale, material package options, appliances, finishes, colors and so on. While this has become the norm, it still lacks what is necessary for buyers to explore and understand other floor plan schemes and material options.


 Sensuus aims to solve this issue by placing buyers in their future home, giving them the ability to feel the scale of each room and how they will relate to one another. Additionally, an interactive piece within Virtual Reality will put the power in the buyers hands, quite literally, allowing them to select, in real-time, multiple types of materials, appliances, faucets, tile types, layouts, etc. The goal here is for the buyers to utilize this tool and spend time exploring all the different options a Builder may offer, providing confidence as they evolve to the next step in the sales process.