One of the most frustrating issues in the Architecture field today stems from clients not being able to really understand what is being conveyed by floor plans, construction drawings, or renderings. No matter how great a rendering looks, at the end of the day, it is still just a static image or video on a screen. For most Architects, they can envision exactly what a space is going to feel like, from just looking at floor plans. Trying to convey that to their clients, on the other hand, has been a difficult task, to say the least.  As technology evolves, so should the inclusion of it within the overall design process and architect-client relationship.


Sensuus provides a way for this to happen from the early stages of a design process. Certain types of technology, specifically Virtual Reality, have evolved to a point where it can, and should, revolutionize the way that architects convey spaces to their clients. No longer will a client really understand and feel what a space is all about only when the structure is built and they are physically standing in it. With Sensuus, the Architects plans are built in a Virtual space, to true scale, which can be shown to client periodically throughout the conceptual design and final design process. With clients being placed into their design well before anything is ever signed off or built, it allows them to feel what a space is like. Feel is a widely underrated characteristic in Architecture, but with Sensuus, the gap between emotion and understanding becomes much more attainable.