Sensuus utilizes Virtual Reality to help you not only see, but feel the future. 



One of the biggest issues within the field of Architecture and the Building Industry as whole, is one in which people are unable to really articulate. How do we portray to others what a space truly feels like, especially when it does not exist? Most are unable to grasp the full impact that certain characteristics within a space really have. Lighting, scale, materials, and spatial relationships are all crucial to designing a space that is beautiful. Sensuus helps bridge this gap by providing users an experience that places them within a space well before it is ever a reality. Whether early on in the design process, or in the final phases of a project, where decisions on materials are being made, it always becomes apparent the moment that a consumer is able to make the connection between what was previously intangible, to what is now a truer sense of reality.

turn intangible into discernible



At Sensuus, we aim to have users be engaged and driven by their own imagination. A number of our customized options include capability to modify certain parameters of a space, such as wall color, handle sets, cabinet styles, stone choices, and other materials, all in real-time. As users experience these features, they become more informed on how specific choices can impact their space. With Sensuus, quality decisions are achieved earlier in the design process, and expectations are further defined amongst clients and their design professionals, as they see their project become a reality.

derived from design, merged with technology



Architecture is nothing new, but the ability to properly merge new technologies with it, is. Sensuus is rooted, not from technological capability, but rather from Architectural acumen. We have always been passionate about finding an improved solution to the never-ending question of how to get people understand what a space will feel like, in representations beyond computer drawings and renderings. With knowledge and advancements in both software and hardware, the ability to fill this void is now feasible and will only continue to evolve, with Sensuus on the forefront of the next chapter.